how to access blocked site in ubuntu


yes still its blocked……………
so i tried googling …………..
no way. no new softwares. no h0tsp0t shieId porting for ubuntu
what we do??
yes. Gotcha aaaaaa
SSh is a secure protocol for data exchange.
That means the data through the ssh tunnel is encrypted. So our ISP can’t identify what we are sending throug this tunnel. This are the information i got from google.. So how to associate this for accessing a blocked site??…
I read the manual for SSh
man ssh
ok there’s some thing.
option -N and -D
Yess this two options are enough, We can use this options to connect to any remote server and that server connect to the world.
this is the idea
Next step is to find a provider [a remote server], an SSh terminal provider,
again google.. It took me more than a day to find a good provider.
this is our provider. request for a shell account . its very simple. And i registered, after a day i got the mail regarding my account details and the password.
again terminal
you should prompt for the certificate verification, type yes and return, it will ask for the password. type your weird password there and return.. yes its weird..
so first we have to change the password
type passwd press return, it asks for old password then new password and confirm it.
exit from the server and login again with new password.. yes its working. exit again. Done now we got our SSh server. Next step is to route our internet traffic through this server. For that the command is
ssh -ND 3333
type your password there and press return, were 3333 is the port that we are using to listen as we specified earlier in the manual
now your computer is connected to the server using a secure channel.
Nxt Step is to configure your browser for routing your traffic throunh this channel. I’m using firefox so here is the routing,
take firefox->edit->preference->network->settings->manual proxy configuration.
now type in the SOCKS Host and select the port to 3333 , use socks version5, click ok
close the preference box, tpye wvvw.0rkut.c0m in your address bar.
yes its working after 3 months i got it back .. my orkut.
NB: 1) when you close your terminal u will loss ur connection internet in ur browser
2) the browsing speed is low when you connect your browser through proxy
so use firefox for browsing blocked sites and use google chrome for normal browsing . Mr. Firefox have its own porxy conf:, so it will not affect ur other connections.
if there is a problem please make comments here.

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